006- Using Creed and Ethos to Create a Life Vision


006- Using Creed and Ethos to Create a Life Vision

Today, we talk about how overcoming obstacles in life make us stronger. We touch on Stephen King’s near death experience, and share a very personal story when Michael lost vision in one of his eyes. Growing and living a great life goes back to having a creed and ethos and living your life according to your vision and mission statement. We talk about universal virtues and values, and how Dr. Dening and Benjamin Franklin applied these to their lives. We also talk about the importance of being and having mentors. Enjoy the show!

Topics Discussed Today

[03:28] How wealth didn’t change Sam Walton, and he was the same guy driving an old truck around Bentonville.
[04:28] A story about Sam Walton almost getting kicked out of his own store by security.
[05:30] Patrick found seven perfect stepping stones from a quarry. These stones are creating a path to his “secret space”.
[10:56] Where Stephen King kept his desk when he wrote Carrie and received a call that it was bought for $400,000.
[12:56] Stephen King’s near death experience when he was hit by a van and came close to dying. How writing was part of his routine. He wrote 2000 words a day which made a novel in 3 months.
[17:36] When Michael moved his practice from Branson, MO to Tucson, AZ he ended up blind in one eye. He was ready to give up. But his wife said he couldn’t quit and he had to keep going.
[21:11] Michael’s miraculous recovery.
[22:44] How being a patient makes us vulnerable and dependent on others for help.
[23:54] Universal medical hierarchy for injured monkeys.
[25:28] The difference between a creed and ethos. Creed is a set of beliefs that guide actions. Ethos moral nature of groups and actions.
[26:38] Vision statement is a declaration of short and long term goals.
[27:56] Developing a vision statement using your creed and ethos.
[28:14] Mission statement is a written declaration of what your purpose is.
[28:56] Purpose of life to perpetuate the species, but the meaning of life is to teach and give meaning.
[29:42] Patrick’s ethos: perseverance, intelligence, and loyalty.
[31:28] Michael’s ethos: Being authentic, being grateful for every moment, and passionate.
[33:48] Universal Values: happiness, love, peace, freedom, safety, intelligence, respect, equality, justice, health, fairness, integrity, loyalty, and compassion.
[34:38] Universal Virtues: honesty, respect, generosity, perseverance, authenticity, purity, loyalty, modesty, justice, patience, discipline, kindness, creativity, trust, gratitude, and service.
[35:41] Benjamin Franklin’s 13 virtues were his ethos and creed that formed his actions.
[37:34] Work on the quality that is the most important to you at the time. It’s hard to do all at once.
[38:08] Dr. Deming’s mission statement for companies and the 14 Points of Deming. Always be improving and develop a new philosophy. loyalty, and trust. Small changes now mean big changes in the future. Drive out fear.
[39:48] Eliminate slogans and don’t live a cliche. Develop your own creed and ethos.
[41:30] Continuous quality improvement or always be growing.
[44:48] The importance of mentorship and studying what you really want to be or targeting and mirroring someone who has attributes that you admire.
[48:27] Always having a mentor and always being a mentor.
[53:51] Michael found an awesome new mentor, but what does Michael bring to the table? Sharing knowledge and wisdom.
[01:04:10] A letter from Martha Graham.

Action steps from today’s show:

Have a vision for your life and write it in your “hollow tube” notebook. Write out how a day in your life will feel. You could also write out your death bed scene or three things you would want on your headstone. Keep these secret, you don’t want to give away the energy. Be a “silent warrior”.

Links and Resources:

Darrell Darnell Pro Podcast Solutions
On Writing by Stephen King
Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues
Out of Crisis by W. Edwards Deming
Dr. Deming’s 14 Points for Management


“Like going into the hollow tube, stripping away impurities, uncertainties, and negativities when going through life altering situations makes you a different person.” Dr. Patrick Bays

“Sometimes in life, it takes something tragic to bring out your best self.” Michael Bays

“I realized, in a way, that the blindness made me stronger and more confident and changed my life for the better.” Michael Bays


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