“The Secret to Unlocking Your Mind”

What if we had the magical ability to solve every problem instantly? To move through life with the quiet ease of one contentedly strolling through a lush flowered park on a sunny Sunday afternoon. What if the key to unlocking the secret mysteries of the universe was just a breath away? Dangling from a golden chain worn ’round our neck. What if we possessed the power to know exactly what to say or do in every situation? All-knowing wizards dispensing self-advice with a flick of our enchanted wand. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? It is incredible. And it’s not as difficult to achieve as we might imagine. No long therapy sessions with a psychoanalyst searching for the hidden pathos of our childhood. No workbooks to plow through or tests with trick questions to take. No complex mathematical or scientific formulas to memorize, only to be forgotten by next days’ breakfast. Living a life that’s simpler and more fulfilling is as easy as tying our shoe. All we need is a burning desire to dig just a little deeper…one page at a time.

Think Keys was written for people just like us. It’s a living breathing highway equipped with signposts, each one clearly pointing the way to a simpler and more purposeful life. And just in a nick of time. That’s because life can be enormously challenging, complex, and confusing. Everything in this ego driven world seems upside down. We feel out-of-sync with the natural ebb-and-flow of living; often becoming depressed, angry, and apathetic. Overcome with fears and regret, we become paralyzed—unable to muster the strength and motivation to even make our beds. Eventually, the face looking back at us in the mirror becomes unrecognizable. And then one day, as we stand a moment longer at the mirror and closely inspect the image peering back, we are shaken to our core. We suddenly realize that the foreign image is screaming at the top of their lungs; compelling us to: “Do something now!” This is our call-to-action.

We know there must be more to life than this. What we seek are solutions for our problems and solace for our heavy concerns. We crave simplicity and we desire a sanguine sense of peacefulness. Who am I? What is my ultimate destiny? Why do I exist—here and now? These are ponderous questions that most of us are not fully equipped to reckon with until we mature into young adults. For the lucky ones, those hard charging titans of human advancement (Galileo, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, etc.), the answers to those questions may be straightforward. These prodigies were driven by a revelation or passion that propelled them forward to a unique and singular vision somewhere off in the distance. But for the rest of us mere mortals, the path has not been so clear. Our paths have consisted mostly of stumbles, backslides, and head-on collisions with runaway trains carrying loads of massive blunders encased in never ending screw-ups. What we need is a shiny bright red telephone emitting a penetrating call-to-action—a call from our future smarter selves.

So, here is your first Think Key:     answer the phone”   

Uncle Pat                                                                                                                       


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