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057 The Black Swan: with Brandon Voss

057 The Black Swan: with Brandon Voss

Remember that book Pat and I were raving about, “Never Split the Difference” written by the former FBI hostage negotiator, Chris Voss? Brandon Voss is his son, and he’s the unsung hero behind the book. The book never would have happened without him. Brandon and his dad, Chris built their company, the Black Swan Group…

How I Nearly Blew a Key Note Speech– but Tony Robbins Saved My Ass

March 31, 2017, an auspicious day for two reasons First and foremost, I was celebrating my fifty-fourth revolution around the sun. Yes, boys and girls, it was my birthday, my absolute most favorite day of the year. Secondly, I had the privilege of delivering the keynote speech to a group of physician educators affiliated with…


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