015 – Congratulations, Grandpappy Michael!


015 – Congratulations, Grandpappy Michael!

This has been an exciting week for Michael. His very first granddaughter was born on August 14th, 2017 and her name is Lincoln Lily. Michael is now a grandpa. Today’s conversation kicks off with nicknames for grandparents and quickly morphs into a discussion about placentas. Along with a story about an owl and hawk sighting by Michael.

Things quickly progress to soul groups and societies and living in close proximity of extended family and respect for elders. Then we discuss the solar eclipse before moving on to the Worst Game of Thrones Podcast ever. We also discuss telomeres and how long healthy telomeres prevent premature aging. Our thoughts can affect our telomere health, especially negative thoughts like anger, pessimism, and unhealthy rumination.  

We also talk about the importance of being present in the moment and how controlling our thought processes is like taking off the blinders and seeing what is possible. The way we think really allows possibilities from staying young and healthy to understanding what is possible. When negative thought processes creep in, just take a step back and breathe and think about peace with no judgement.

We also talk about affirmations, and we issue a challenge to each other and to all of you to come up with an affirmation for next week. Send us your affirmation on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Topics Discussed Today

[05:22] When Michael came home from visiting Lincoln he discovered an owl in a tree that night. In the morning, there was a hawk in the same tree.
[08:15] “Belief like fear or love is forced to be understood…yesterday I believed I would never have done what I did today.” Michael reads an inspiring quote from Cloud Atlas.
[11:05] Loving an adopted child and the amount of love you have had and are able to give. Emotional depth.
[12:29] Soul groups and how are bodies reside in our internal souls and the souls interact or know each other. An instant connection could be part of a soul group.
[14:22] How society has gone from extended family to concentrated families.
[15:07] How elderly people are revered in Asian cultures and other countries.
[15:44] Mayans and the total eclipse. Eclipses occur every two years. It is just the proximity to America that makes this one special.
[18:15] Michael and his crystal that he uses for ceremonies during a full moon. If it is meaningful to him, then it is meaningful.
[20:31] The Worst Game of Thrones Podcast recap  The suicide squad and catching a white walker. Rumours about Sir Jorah and Brannon Stark. Daenerys and Jon Snow. The children of the forest.
[26:42] Francis Crick was not on LSD when he discovered the helix structure of DNA.
[28:24] The stoned ape theory and following animals and finding mushrooms. Disregarded by science. The history and evolution of language.
[30:14] Conflation of theories and the true answer is somewhere in between.
[30:51] There is no scientific evidence of the origins of spoken language.
[32:21] How Amy Wheeler posted a picture of twin sisters who were 105 years old but looked 70. The picture will be on social media.
[33:40] How telomeres control ageing. Having long healthy telomeres keeps you young and prevents ageing.
[34:13] The way you think can affect your telomere health. Thoughts like hostility and anger have a negative effect on your telomeres and your cells and age.
[35:31] Pessimism also has a negative effect on telomeres.
[37:33] Rumination and rehashing negative things and problems. This is different than reflection or looking at things objectively. [40:13] Stress hormones and cortisol stick around when we ruminate.
[40:43] Thought suppression is also bad for telomere health.
[41:26] Thought suppression and pushing things away.
[42:42] How thoughts and feelings boil down to not being loved. The most basic element.
[44:03] Spending the day thinking about something you would rather be doing rather than being present is also a negative thought process for telomere health.
[46:05] How Patrick was given 12,000 pages of records to review. That is 4 feet of records. He put in massive time and effort into the preparation. Then they didn’t use him.
[51:58] How thought patterns can take over our mind. Being more aware of our thoughts takes off the blinders so that we can see what is possible.
[53:34] When ruminating take a step back and don’t put any judgement on it. Keep repeating the process until it works. Changing your physiological state can also help.
[55:34] Happiness and having a long life and tripping on those long telomeres.
[57:22] Smile and don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s sometimes hard to be positive, but it is something to strive for.
[58:49] Affirmations an incantation and casting a spell of what you want to achieve. A command to your subconscious. Examples of affirmations.
[01:00:13] Doing affirmations in a way that they work. They need to be realistic.
[01:01:28] Reasons why affirmations don’t work. Just going through the motions and not feeling what you are saying.
[01:03:12] Conjuring the emotion that is associated with that affirmation. Picking one and sticking with it.
[01:04:41] How gratitude is an affirmation for life.
[01:05:45] Having a regular time to practice your affirmations. Warming your words before you say them.
[01:08:04] Not wanting an affirmation to be true will also make it not work. So will feeling like you are lying to yourself.
[01:09:06] Affirmations have to be believable and compelling.
[01:10:39] Keeping it simple and remembering your why. A consistent vision for your future that incites emotion or feeling. It also has to be present tense.
[01:15:32] Positive affirmations need to outnumber negative thoughts.
[01:17:08] Next week’s mission = affirmations.

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“The more theories there are on something, the less likely they will be precise.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“It’s special if you feel like it is going to be special.” Dr. Michael Bays
“My calling card is preparation and knowing the information.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“The things you see happening in your life are a reflection of the things you put out.” Dr. Michael Bays


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