018 – Heading Down the Right Path


018 – Heading Down the Right Path

This has been a week of synchronicities for both of us. We have come to the same or similar realizations independently of each other. Michael had a wonderful weekend with his family and even a touching moment where he felt the presence of his mother’s spirit. It was a week of synchronicities and symbolism for him. Patrick also experienced synchronicities with his week he called a “revelation of red” with the red moon, ash and embers from the red wildfires, and a reminder of a felled redwood.

We also discuss free will and determinism. Albert Einstein believed in determinism which means that things that happen in life are preordained. We are both in the free will camp, but it is up to everyone to determine their own philosophy. We also discuss empathy and becoming desensitized. We also talk about not conforming and actively resisting to avoid possibly going down a slippery slope of compliance. We finish up with deciding who you are and heading down the right path and always trusting your instincts.

Topics Discussed Today

[04:32] Michael had a fantastic Labor Day weekend with a family trip to Phoenix. He also had the best old fashioned he had ever had.
[07:18] They had such a touching moment at the table with the glow of love and being with the new baby and the family. Michael even felt like their mom was with them.
[09:05] Michael also saved a tortoise who was in the middle of the road. Symbolism?
[10:57] King snakes can take down rattlesnakes because they are the king of snakes.
[11:44] If there is a king snake around there are no rattlesnakes.
[12:17] Michael shares a surprise he is going to give his wife.
[15:26] Meaningful coincidences and a week of synchronicities.
[16:33] Patrick’s week was a revelation of red. The red moon or corn moon appeared in September, but the harvest moon will appear in October. Wildfire smoke also made the moon red, and they have had so many fires that ash is falling.
[19:56] How the roots of a redwood tree that Patrick took down are huge and need to be removed.
[23:04] Irma the most powerful hurricane recorded. With the fires, ash, and the weather things seem a little out of whack.
[24:01] 40-day affirmation challenge and listener contributions. Send your affirmations on Twitter or our Facebook page. The 3 phases of affirmations. Judgement, awareness, introspection.
[29:55] Imagining what it is like for people who have lost all of their possessions during the hurricane. They are holding themselves with dignity and compassion as they help their neighbors.
[31:59] Free will and the ability to choose between actions unimpeded.
[32:52] Einstein’s deterministic philosophy.
[33:57] The principles of cause and effect and karma. How Einstein was a determinist.
[40:26] How the Alchemist was based on free will more than determinism.
[42:21] Stepping back and trusting the process of life.
[44:10] New news: how cannabis may help prevent brain aging for older people or at least mice. But it is bad for the memories of younger people or mice.
[46:52] Surge in marijuana use and cell phone use in 2012.
[47:41] How things got out of hand in the Prison experiment, and they had to stop early because students actually assumed the roles of prisoners and guards.
[50:02] Empathising and having compassion as opposed to being desensitized.
[54:53] The Milgram Experiment and participants continuing to increase the voltage of the shock. Getting desensitized and moving up to the next thing.
[58:34] Being contrary and not going down the slippery slope.
[01:03:12] Living your ethos and keeping the three types of people in mind.
[01:05:33] Arts and Entertainment: The Keepers on Netflix It makes you wonder why they didn’t tell anybody. The importance of trusting your instincts.
[01:08:54] A shout out to Birthday Girl Kaci Bays and a song by Kaci.

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“I truly believe in free will, but it’s important for people to decide their philosophical opinion.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“Synchronicities are like the universe telling you that you are on the right track.” Dr. Michael Bays
“I started becoming more aware of when I’m being judgemental to myself or others.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“Go with your instincts, but listen to and feel what the universe is trying to tell you.” Dr. Michael Bays


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