030 – Road to Recovery


030 – Road to Recovery

This week’s episode features Scott Golden. Scott is a sixteen-year-old high school student, athlete and musician whose life was turned completely upside down two years ago when his father suffered a massive stroke. I was impressed with Scott’s honesty and courage as he described how this shocking tragedy has affected him and his family.
How he has been tested psychologically, spiritual and emotionally. How has he coped? What are his dreams for the future? What does he do now? This episode will apply to anyone who has ever faced the catastrophic illness of a loved one. This is why we do this podcast.

Topics Discussed Today
[03:15] Patrick isn’t here tonight, but guest host Scott Golden is going to tell his story.
[03:41] Scott is friends with Parker Bays. They were in class and Scott was escorted to the office and his neighbor met him there and she drove him to the hospital.
[04:41] All Scott knew was that something happened with his dad. Scott’s dad was a triathlete training for a race in Konam and he was only 48.
[05:42] Scot walked into the hospital room and his mom was crying and he found out his dad had a stroke.
[06:37] There was a delay in the stroke diagnosis which may have led to further complications.
[07:05] Scott’s dad was limping during his run, and he kept falling on the path, and his speech was affected. His brother found him face down on his bed and they called an ambulance.
[10:43] Scott’s dad was in the hospital from October to December. Scott and his dad were really bonding at this point in their lives.
[13:06] Scott’s dad was partially paralyzed and could mostly nod instead of speaking.
[17:25] Scott’s brother was angry and his whole family was at the house. Some were having issues with anger with god.
[18:44] After Scott’s dad couldn’t work they had to downsize their house and move.
[21:36] Scott was angry and he started smoking weed and drinking.
[22:36] Scott’s dad had a three wheeled bike and was doing therapy and things were coming around. He crashed on his bike and the therapy was way too expensive. During the crash Scott’s dad broke his collarbone and became bedridden. Eventually, he was able to go on walks after the crash.
[26:45] Scott was smoking weed at a park, and he heard a car and it was the police.
[29:08] Scott’s mom came down and it was on Scott’s record for a couple of months.  
[30:21] Scott was being drug tested all of the time. He couldn’t go anywhere, so he decided to focus on music and volleyball. Scott’s dad can talk now.
[33:07] Scott’s mom is handling things, but things are hard. She works and takes care of Scott’s dad. She is taking the weight of everybody’s world on her shoulders.
[34:41] Scott’s mom has a solid foundation in her faith.
[36:16] Don’t turn to substances when problems happen.
[39:24] Finding gratitude in times of trouble and illness.
[43:27] How Scott appreciates that his dad is still around and their relationship is still growing.
[44:08] Scott and another guy named Connor are recording music together. They are planning on releasing an EP and a video on December 12th.
[46:26] Scott’s heart says to follow music and not let it go.
[47:23] Scott is at a crossroads between music and college.
[50:38] The importance of taking a breath and relaxing.
[51:30] If you wake up to your destiny it will pull you towards it. How music is Scott’s therapy. Scott’s pain is his muse.
[54:48] How Scott should do the 40-day affirmation challenge, and the answer will come to him.
[57:02] If you have the vision and remove all self-doubt and get a notebook and write a day in your life when you have achieved what you want. Somewhere out of this is your vision, and the key that will keep you going through the hard spots.
[01:01:40] Kerry Ann Golden is the super mom who holds it all together.

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“You’re never a failure as long as you are trying something.” Dr. Michael Bays
“If it is something you are actually good at, and you are getting better then you can follow your passion” Dr. Michael Bays
“The only thing that stayed the same was my dad’s humor which was awesome. Some people come back from strokes angry.” Scott Golden
“As hard as it is, having my dad here is so much better than not having him here.” Scott Golden
“I hugged my mom and for the first time ever she felt fragile to me. I felt like I needed to protect her.” Scott Golden


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