046 – Energy Healing and Shamanism

046 – Energy Healing and Shamanism

Pat is away this week, so I’m interviewing a colleague and a very special friend of mine Ann Marie Chiasson MD. We first met in 2008 when I was training as a fellow for the integrative medicine program through the University of Arizona.
She is now the director of the entire program. She is also the author of Energy Healing: The Essentials of Self-Care. She is board certified in family practice. She also graduated with honors and has trained in shamanism, energy healing and psychic surgery.
When I had my retinal detachment, Ann Marie helped me from an energy medicine perspective. Ann Marie is an absolutely fascinating person and in this episode we are going to talk about everything from shamanism to energy healing and simple rituals we can do to help ourselves.

Topics Discussed Today
[04:20] If you look behind you it provides the correct context.We think are going towards something, but we are actually right where we are as a culmination of the past.
[05:22] Tracking what you are interested in is the future pulling you forward.
[08:43] The heart center is the most powerful one because everything else centers around the heart.
[08:50] It takes practice to get into your heart center. Use a heart center meditation and do everything you can to work at the heart.
[09:03] Picture hands at the level of your heart and breathed into it.
[10:06] The four attributes of meditation. Boundless compassion. Innate harmony or the eye of the hurricane. Healing presence. Unconditional love. Selfless service.
[13:50] Resisting the temptation to take external substances to help you deal with life. Check in with your heart when you get caught off balance.
[14:25] Being centered all the time is hard to do. But once you’re used to being centered when you get off centered it feels really bad.
[14:58] Substance is a paradoxical thing. It can open gates but make pain worse.
[16:15] Everybody needs a practice to deal with life better.
[16:39] Technology makes us live a secondary and tertiary existence. Virtual reality is not primary awareness like walking in nature is.
[17:14] Technology is moving faster than we are learning to replace it with my body. My body can be golf, exercise, walking in nature, etc.
[17:39] Maria Elena Cairo is a master teacher that sees the world at the level of energy. Nature and the energy field works on these principles.
[19:35] The unified field is completely intuitive.
[20:07] You have to be extremely gifted to transform illness with energy alone.
[21:05] Everything has an energetic origin.
[22:59] Ann Marie has worked with Yaqui and Mayan shaman. She has had so many wonderful teachers that can move energy and create spontaneous energy.
[24:46] Psychic surgery is high velocity energy work. It happens very rapidly.
[28:53] Anne-Marie met the needs of Don Juan Matus. She was an extraordinary 90 year old healer.
[30:03] Moving the field in certain ways to access healing. Or heart centered healing.
[30:11] Maria Matus was completely clairvoyant. The face you prevent is the face you receive.
[31:49] Jorge Gomez had just died. Ann Marie called him and asked him questions. He was not a spirit, but the energy of his essence.
[36:47] When people die their field will get bigger and bigger and fill the room and fill the house. You can sense the energy field. Personal space is the edge of an energy field. You can assess how close someone is to death because of their energy field.
[39:17] Near-death experiences.
[40:33] Dannion Brinkley was struck by lightning and came back after dying. It was a very transformative experience.
[41:10] Putting conscienceless into an object and leaving it there, and then when somebody finds it they will receive that consciousness.
[41:41] Places hold energy. Go to Jerusalem or some other sacred place and you will immediately be inducted.
[41:53] Diksha is a transmission of energy to the head of enlightenment. Energy is passed down.
[42:57] What we can do to access our energy fields.
[43:41] Toe tapping with your arms by your side and you are laying on a bed or a floor. Ann Marie does this for five minutes. It is like traditional Chinese medicine to bring you out of your head. Drop in drop down.
[45:50] Ann Marie teaches her daughters healing but she doesn’t force it on them.
[46:30] She is going to be teaching energy medicine for self-healing in Massachusetts.
[46:46] She also wrote her book Energy Healing: The Essentials of Self-Care.
[46:58] She is also going on a cruise with Dr. Andrew Weil.
[46:58] Heal Your Story, Heal Your Life is and eight day conference to induct yourself into the ways of energy. You have to heal through your story from the past. Your career, your life, your story will form behind you. Put your story and your energetic framework in a position that allows you to have new experiences.
[49:09] How acting is working on the energy between you and myself.
[50:37] Our bodies are a ladder of states of consciousness. There are seven states of consciousness. Use body practices like breath, toe tapping, etc. Having a partnership between the head and the heart.
[53:30] There is an energy center or state of consciousness that part. It’s an assembly point.

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“Your career forms behind you to bring you to this moment.” Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson
“If you just let go and pay attention to the signs, you are being gently pulled there is even a divine wind at your back.” Dr. Michael Bays
“I have to follow my desire, my passion, and where my interest is.” Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson
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