068 – The UFO Hunter- JT Odneal


068 – The UFO Hunter- JT Odneal

UFO’s have been igniting the hearts and imaginations of humans since the dawn of time. Have you ever had an other worldly experience? Have you ever seen something in the night sky that you just couldn’t identify? Have you seen a UFO or an unidentified aerial phenomena? 

Today’s guest is JT Odneal. JT is someone who I’ve known for 10 years. He is a friend and a patient. He’s a retired rancher, a Navy veteran, a published author and poet. He is also someone who I’ve only known to speak the truth. The story we tell today has not wavered. 

On a September morning in 1987, a UFO nearly crash landed on top of him. JT said it was starting to get cool out and it was time to cut firewood for the fireplace back at the ranch house, so JT and his hand Jose’ set out in the pickup to cut some oak in the back pastures at his cattle ranch in the Dragoon Mountains of Southern Arizona when it happened. In this episode, JT will finish the rest of the story, and I share my experience going back to the exact same spot. 

Topics Discussed Today

[09:31] JT is 89 years old and grew up in Colorado in Mesa County. He moved to Arizona in 1962.

[10:07] He was an engineer in the Navy. 

[12:06] JT bought a ranch in Cochise county. 

[14:20] During September 1987, JT and a worker were going out to chop wood. They had to go through three gates to get to the corrals. 

[16:03] As JT drove through the gate, he saw an object fly straight from the sun and into the ground. As he drove up the hill, he saw the object just hanging in the air with a cable dragging on the ground. JT and his worker watched it for about 10 minutes. 

[23:19] JT took his rifle and decided to walk under the hovering object. As he walked up, it flew away at a high rate of speed. JT took a shot at it as it flew about a mile away. Then it hovered and then just flew away. 

[28:09] The next morning, JT’s neighbor, Charley said he also saw one of the objects that JT saw. 

[33:13] The news reported lights east of Tombstone. Then JT received a call from the air force, and the representative told JT that what he saw was a scout for a bigger UFO. 

[37:52] One morning a couple of jets buzzed JT’s house and then the air force had the road blocked off. Later he found out one of the jets crashed. 

[40:38] JT has no reason to make this story up. He does think that there are aliens out there. 

[42:18] JT shares life advice. Every person should find out as quickly as they can what their given capabilities are and get educated and live to be happy and not worry about anything else. Take the future as it comes and enjoy life. Everything else is inconsequential.

[45:24] We should also take a good hard look at what we are doing to the Constitution. Individuals should be responsible for their own actions and needs. 

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“UFOs are not cosmic visitors from other planets but psychic disturbances from our collective unconscious and that increased reports of UFOs coincides with periods when we believe that the world is fragmented and on the brink of catastrophe.” Carl Jung

“The idea that we are alone in the universe seems to me completely implausible and arrogant. Considering the number of planets and stars that we know exist, it’s extremely unlikely that we are the only form of evolved life.” Steven Hawking

“The Dragoon Mountains are the rarest place in the United States for geological formations. This may be what attracted them.” JT Odneal

“If all people are doing something, chances are, it’s wrong and not a good decision.” JT Odneal

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