077 – 90 Seconds To A Life You Love with Dr. Joan Rosenberg


077 – 90 Seconds To A Life You Love with Dr. Joan Rosenberg

“How can making sense of past experiences and telling our personal story to heal us and make us stronger?” Listen as your host Dr. Michael Bays, and his guest Dr. Joan Rosenberg discuss the sentinel event that sparked her interest in psychology and led her to discover the power of personal story and the wisdom of unpleasant feelings much more on this episode of The Hollow Tube.

Dr. Joan Rosenburg is a highly regarded clinical psychologist, educator, and consultant who has shared her life-changing ideas, models for emotional mastery, change and personal growth, professional and educational seminars, psychotherapy sessions, and graduate-level psychology training. Michael first met Dr. Rosenberg at a speaker’s workshop, where she taught about the power of sharing our personal story. He then read her life-changing book 90 Seconds To A Life You Love. 

Listen, as Dr. Rosenberg shares three things she looks at when making sense of life experiences, and what she uses to help people who are suicidal. She believes there are three elements to people’s thoughts on failure and speaks about the eight unpleasant feelings she has observed most. 

Dr. Rosenberg discusses the Rosenberg Reset Technique, one choice, eight feelings, 90 seconds. Michael speaks about how this helped him in his time of grief and how it can help with burnout. Dr. Rosenberg also shares some final thoughts and how her book can help anyone ready to reset.

“You may not be in control of your emotions, but you are in charge of your thoughts.” 

Reach out to Dr. Rosenberg and tell her what you learned so that she will come back on the show. Go to her website www.Drjoanrosenberg.com to sign up for her training and where she will be speaking. Listen to her podcast called The Mindstream Podcast and check out her book 90 Seconds To A Life You Love; order it through her website for some free things from Dr. Rosenberg.

Have you heard about how Michael re-centers and prepares himself for the day? It’s called Sunrise Supercharge. Michael believes that the power is in the ritual, and the goal is to become a hollow tube, but you have to show up to practice to be successful.

Topics Discussed Today
[08:37] Dr. Rosenberg shares her journey through life and the event that sparked her interest in psychology.
[10:30] Listen, as Dr. Rosenberg discusses what happened at camp when she was in her late teens, and a camp counselor told her she was boring.
[12:34] Fortunately, this experience strengthened her, and she used it to grow.
[13:43] Dr. Rosenberg believes that sharing our story can integrate our brain.
[15:36] Dr. Rosenberg gives some examples of how to tell our story well and not well, which is not doing it at all.
[18:16] What about those who grew up under hard life experiences and the blame they put on the person who perpetrated the experience?
[20:15] Dr. Rosenberg shares three things she looks at when making sense of life experiences across time.
[21:30] Michael shares a story about the first few years of his marriage.
[23:45] Dr. Rosenberg speaks about what she uses with people who are suicidal.
[25:13] There are three elements to people’s thoughts on failure.
[27:09] Dr. Rosenberg discusses Jill Bolte Taylor’s observation in her book around unpleasant feelings.
[28:56] Listen, as Dr. Rosenberg shares the eight unpleasant feelings she has observed.
[31:07] Resentment is disguised grief.
[31:21] Michael runs through the process Dr. Rosenberg has described.
[33:12] Why are we feeling anger for hours at a time? What are the three reasons feelings linger?
[35:24] Dr. Rosenberg shares they are called unpleasant feelings.
[38:18] Michael shares a personal experience that happened this week.
[41:48] Michael speaks about how the Rosenberg reset worked for him.
[42:03] Dr. Rosenberg discusses the Rosenberg reset, one choice, eight feelings, 90 seconds.
[43:36] She explains the two key elements of her technique.
[46:13] How does doing the reset enable us to feel confident, enthusiastic, and better about ourselves?
[48:06] Dr. Rosenberg discusses how her reset technique can help with burn out.
[49:35] When you feel burnout, allow yourself to feel it fully and take action relative to your experience.
[50:23] Dr. Rosenberg speaks about her book and how it can help.
[52:29] Thank you for being on the show!
[52:54] Michael shares some final thoughts.
[58:03] See you next time!

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“When an adult has emotional access to the pain they have experienced in their own childhood and they’ve made sense of their own experiences, they tend to be better at raising healthier children.” Dr. Joan Rosenberg
“We take the notion we’ve done poorly at something therefore I am a failure which is bad emotional math.” Dr. Joan Rosenberg
“Harsh self criticism is a thought hijack or distraction from unpleasant feelings.” Dr. Joan Rosenberg
“Once you know you can do it, then it helps you in the future.” Michael Bays
“Tears over a loss are a reflection of the depth of connection.” Dr. Joan Rosenberg


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