078 – The Sacred Hoop with Nicholas Breeze Wood


078 – The Sacred Hoop with Nicholas Breeze Wood

Do you know what the word shamanism means? Listen as your host, Dr. Michael Bays, and his guest Nick Breeze Wood discuss shamanism and the difference between shamanism and animism. Nick shares how old he was when he noticed that he was different, how his family reacted, and how his mentors and teachers helped him along the way.

Nick shares that he always felt that something was going on much bigger than him, and he shares what has happened in his life that makes him believe that shamanism is real. Nick says that he has always doubted himself, even though he studied shamanism for many years.

Listen, as Nick discusses interacting with spirits in a trance-state and speaks about what happened to him on a journey while in a trance-state, and how, when he is in that state, he can actually talk to the spirits. Nick never knows what will happen next and has always believed that if you know what you are going to do next, you are doing it wrong.

Nick shares how an average person can maintain a ritual or ceremony in their lives and how to expand awareness. He also speaks about what his visions have shown him about the future and says that the winter will be hard, but that spring is just around the corner, and he has hope for what happens then.

Have you heard about how Michael re-centers and prepares himself for the day? It’s called Sunrise Supercharge. Michael believes that the power is in the ritual, and the goal is to become a hollow tube, but you have to show up to practice to be successful.

Topics Discussed Today
[00:02] Nick shares the definition of shamanism.
[03:16] Nick speaks about how a shaman gets into the trance-state.
[04:53] What is the difference between shamanism and animism?
[09:21] Listen, as Nick discusses how he got into shamanism.
[11:01] Nick shares how old he was when he first started being different and what his parents said.
[14:40] Nick discusses his teachers and mentors in shamanism.
[16:27] He always felt that something was going on that was bigger than him.
[18:19] What events have happened in your career in shamanism that made you believe this is real?
[23:02] Nick shares that he doubts himself all the time, even though he’s been in it for years.
[24:23] What do you do to maintain your discipline?
[26:32] Nick speaks about interacting with spirits when in a trance-state.
[30:18] “If you know what you are going to do next, then you aren’t doing it right.”
[32:08] Nick shares what happened when he was on a journey when a spirit came to him.
[37:08] Some spirits that come to him have names and personalities.
[38:58] Nick says that he isn’t sure whether the spirits that come to him are his ancestors or Mongolian ancestors.
[40:13] When he is in a trance, he can talk to them.
[42:14] Nick speaks about how he keeps himself clean and away from harm when he opens himself up.
[46:28] “Invite in the spirits that love me because not everyone does.” 
[50:31] Nick discusses what you can use when you have a morning ritual to give offerings to the four directions.
[52:26] How do you know if you are in the right relationship with the spirit world?
[56:11] Nick talks about what he does to journey into the spirit world.
[58:32] Nick speaks about five or six journeys he did while drumming.
[1:00:23] Nick discusses some things that an average person can do to maintain some ritual or ceremony semblance in their lives.
[1:03:23] What can we do to expand our awareness?
[1:06:46] Nick speaks about the Sacred Hoop Magazine he and his partner created.
[1:09:41] Nick defines what the sacred hoop means.
[1:11:38] Where do your visions show us going in the future?
[1:14:17] Thank you so much for being on the show!
[1:14:45] Listen as Nick and Michael talk after the podcast is over.

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Find Nick Breezewood:
Nick Breeze Wood
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Sacred Hoop Magazine
Music – Nicholas Breeze Woods Bandcamp
3Worlds – The Shamanistic and Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Objects and Antiques
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“If you know what you are going to do next, then you aren’t doing it right.” Nick Breeze Wood
“Invite in the spirits that love me because not everyone does.” Nick Breeze Wood
“You have to be playful, you can’t approach this kind of stuff in a serious way.” Nick Breeze Wood
“All shamans are artists, but not all artists are shamans.” Nick Breeze Wood
“Pay attention and walk this earth in a sacred way.” Nick Breeze Wood


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