010- Situational Awareness and Leaving Yourself an Out


010- Situational Awareness and Leaving Yourself an Out

Welcome to episode 10 of The Hollow Tube Podcast, the podcast that answers the question of what if? Patrick just returned from dinner at Cafe Nola where they specialize in eggplant parmesan. Which started a discussion about the area and the pub where Patrick and Michael frequent, and how there was an active shooter in that area recently. Things didn’t end well for the shooter, but it kicked off a discussion to always leave yourself an out and have situational awareness. Stay on the peripheral of crowds and know where the exits are. Patrick will even go as far as waiting for the next line of the ferry to be on the front of the line and have an exit point.

We also discuss dealing with the hand we’re dealt and living in the world we live in not the world we want to live in. Which leads to current day issues of terrorism and an ideology based on fear or control based on fear. Patrick has studied a lot on the Middle East situation and shares how the best way not to be fooled by “fake news” or fake information is to read many different sources and be discerning when consuming information. Regional news from different sources combined with history really sheds light on the current issues with ISIS and the Middle East. Today’s episode is a really interesting discussion of current issues and more.

Topics Discussed Today

[06:36] Safety of sitting on the back row of a theater. If someone has a weapon and you are close, it is safer to attack. The 5-second rule where you are fighting for your life.
[11:46] Crowd Crossers: People in Seattle often cross the street when the light is red, and tourists will follow without paying attention and come close to getting hit by a car.
[23:00] Dealing with the world as it is. A radical violent ideology based on fear and creating an element of fear. Control by fear.
[24:06] How Osama Bin Laden said, “They will always follow the strong horse.” It’s easier for terrorists to recruit when they are perceived as strong and winning.
[25:27] Terrorism doctrine based on inflicting as much carnage as possible with everyday things.
[26:04] Not having a caliphate or original control of the Middle East. Establishing a territorial crescent, extending from Lebanon to Iran.
[27:45] If you read a variety of sources, it is impossible to be fooled by “fake news” or fake information. Read enough and you will never be fooled. Analyze information.
[30:59] Everybody is jockeying for territory in the Middle East. It is like a real life Game of Thrones. Russia wants a warm water port in Syria.
[32:32] Trump is a populist. He is not about building other countries. His mission is to eliminate ISIS.
[33:36] Kurd fighters are very well trained and fearless in fighting ISIS. Even the Kurd women are fearless warriors.
[35:16] How we are providing logistics and supplying weapons to the Kurds and Iraqis.
[37:55] Sunnis, Shia and infidels and the definitions and different doctrines.
[40:34] Staying calm and measured in an emergency situation by looking at things as a problem to be solved.
[42:01] How doctors need to calm people and gain their confidence in thirty seconds. The only profession where people allow you to go inside their bodies.
[44:52] Think Key – When in doubt say nothing, do nothing. Observe and take a breath before taking action.
[47:46] Making a choice not to react.
[48:50] Sometimes the best course of action is no action.
[49:51] Practice what if scenarios in your mind and have a plan. Although, you still may need to trust your instincts.
[51:04] Tigers bow after a fight.
[54:27] Michael’s mean guy with a beard in a truck story and how he weighed his options and diffused the situation.
[57:14] How energy supersedes age.

Links and Resources:

Cafe Nola


“You have to deal with the world as it is not as what you want it to be.” Dr. Patrick Bays

“People are immediately calmed by your demeanor.” Dr. Michael Bays

“You want to give yourself every chance to live.” Dr. Patrick Bays

“People feed off of the subtle cues we give off.” Dr. Michael Bays


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