011 – Building and Focusing Energy and Breathing Techniques


011 – Building and Focusing Energy and Breathing Techniques

Welcome to episode 11 of The Hollow Tube Podcast, the podcast that answers the question of what if? Today, Patrick and Michael are both together in Seattle. Michael came out to Seattle with his 16-year-old son, Parker, and this is their last day in Seattle. One of the things they did while in Seattle was go on a trip that Michael planned in a float plane.

A float plane is a plane that lands and takes off on the water. They took off from Lake Union in Seattle and went to Orcas Island in the San Juan Island chain. On the return trip to Lake Union, the water was filled with paddle boarders and kayakers, yet the pilot was able to land on the lake.

They had a great time hanging out together and also spent time on Patrick’s deck feeding the birds and watching wildlife. They also went to Patrick’s office and had a photoshoot with photographer Jenny Jay. She had an infectious high energy, and that is the topic for today’s show. We also talk about having the discipline to focus our energy along with the importance of practicing breathing techniques.  


Topics Discussed Today

[02:57] The float plane trip and landing in a lake full of paddle boarders.
[05:11] How nice it was to catch up and see new things. They also saw a bald eagle.
[05:59] How eagles are notorious about invading other birds nests, but crows defend their nests and young.
[06:41] Feeding birds in the morning on Patrick’s deck and watching the birds, squirrels, and the ships.
[08:26] How the red squirrels were more aggressive and chased off the gray squirrels.
[09:27] High energy people and low energy people. They did a photoshoot at Patrick’s office. Jenny Jay was very energetic. It was infectious energy.
[11:45] How high energy people can have infectious energy. Successful people are high energy.
[12:16] People that move fast and are efficient. Older energetic people seem younger than slower young people.
[13:35] Van Gogh had bouts of depression and mania. He was productive in his manic phase.
[14:22] How manic people are put on lithium.
[14:39] Type A high energy people can be one drink away from getting in a fight with you.
[16:30] Medicating away ADHD and Ritalin. Ritalin is a methamphetamine.
[17:29] The Ritalin has a paradoxical effect on kids. The Ritalin that speeds people up actually slows the kids down.
[18:10] ADHD can be caused by artificial colors in food. Diet and lifestyle or martial arts could help direct the energy.
[19:44] Adderall is used to treat ADHD in adults. Sometimes people become dependent on this stimulant.
[20:38] Our bodies adapt to whatever we put in it. Over time we will need more or a change for substances to be effective.
[22:14] Being woken up by a greater force. The young invincibles and having no inhibitions.
[23:04] As we age, we lose energy and have to do things to make us energetic.
[24:30] Jenny J had listened to all of the podcasts before the photo shoot.
[24:49] Using the journal more to guide the podcast.
[26:02] The challenge of feeling energetic about life when you get older.
[26:42] The ever shortening paperclip chain that countdowns to retirement.
[27:28] The key to retirement is moving into something else that motivates you to get up.
[30:43] How Michael has concentrated focused energy, and he tricks his mind into being motivated. If he has a bad week it’s from wasting his energy focusing on the wrong things.
[33:05] How Michael propels himself to keep going by following the light that motivates him.
[34:01] How Michael is the object at rest that tends to remain at rest.
[34:32] To feel energetic we need to maintain health. Michael’s work out clothes and music inspire him to go to the gym. Signing up for a class is also a commitment to keep you going.
[36:13] When it comes to working out the main thing is showing up.
[36:55] Strength training and aerobics are super beneficial for people who are aging.
[38:04] How Bruce Lee was consistently seeking wisdom and refining his life.
[39:13] The energy force that Bruce Lee and many other cultures talk about. Allowing the force to take over. The first step is breathing.
[39:50] Michaels deep breath routine in the mornings. The Alpha and Omega.
[41:16] Breathing is one of the few automatic functions that we can also control.
[42:56] Changes in breathing oxygenates your body and calms your mental state.
[43:56] When overwhelmed use the bug spray technique and spray the thought that you are ruminating on and vaporize it.
[45:37] Breathing, the conservation of energy by eliminating negative thoughts, and not feeling like you have to one up people, instead let stuff go. The key to alchemy.
[46:51] Build up and focus your energy on what matters. Train your energy and make it stronger to unleash it where you want it.
[48:37] Making working out a priority and feeling and looking good with infectious energy. Energetic people feed off of other energetic people.
[49:59] Constructive energy and destructing energy.
[50:50] Look for things that might make you lose energy such as being dehydrated or having too much sugar or carbs.
[51:48] How the thing that we love the most is probably our enemy our love for the bad food or thing produces a dopamine surge.
[53:27] Finding the time of day when you have energy and getting your workouts in.
[56:31] The importance of staying hydrated and drinking lemon water in the morning.
[01:00:14] Getting the lymph going by moving around or rebounding.

Links and Resources:

Jenny J Photography
Bruce Lee Podcast
Andrew Weil Breathing Techniques
Wim Hof Breathing Technique
Tony Robbins Breathing Technique
Change Your Brain Change Your Life by Daniel G. Amen

“It doesn’t matter how old you are if you have energy. Energy supersedes age.” Patrick Bays

“It takes a lot of energy to create that alchemy to become successful.” Michael Bays

“A comprehensive holistic approach could be a better option for treating conditions like ADHD.” Patrick Bays

“Every single day of your life start off with breathing thirty deep breaths.” Michael Bays


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