012 – Simplifying Our Lives or The Worst Game of Thrones Podcast Ever


012 – Simplifying Our Lives or The Worst Game of Thrones Podcast Ever

Today’s Episode:

Welcome to episode 12 of the Hollow Tube podcast. Michael is back home after his Seattle trip, and it is time us to catch up. We kick off the show talking about texting and communicating with symbols and move on to the trials and tribulations of flying. We also talk about situational awareness, being a first responder, and diffusion of responsibility.

The conversation visits last week’s discussion of water consumption and how much water people should drink. We also talk about new developments where exercise can help dementia and the dangers of over exercising and rhabdomyolysis. There is a brief Game of Thrones conversation, thus today’s title. We also talk about health benefits of saunas, and more.

We also talk about simplifying our lives and the complexity that people can add. Patrick gives an example that correlates with the terracotta soldiers unearthed in Xi’an, China and how we have type one, type two, and type three people in our lives. We talk about focusing on the important type ones and making the world a better place.

Topics Discussed Today

[03:44] Emoji’s, characters, Phoenician alphabet, and the Rosetta Stone.
[05:19] The goal of re-emerging and being at the center of the eye of the hurricane
[05:41] Michael’s trip back went really well. He was right behind the curtain or “almost in first class” and they had TSA Precheck.
[07:23] Patrick flies first class because of his fear of the “pannus(a large fold of skin and tissue) attack” when he was stuck in a middle seat without the protection of an arm rest.
[11:29] How there is no point in becoming indignant or frustrated when flying. Just make the best of it.
[12:39] Situational awareness and coming upon an accident it’s important to point out a specific person to call 911 or else diffusion of responsibility may happen.
[14:16] When Patrick was an Intern he was at a University of Arizona football game and a guy behind him coded. He had to tell everyone to clear off of the bench before he shocked the patient.
[17:29] Water consumption and drinking 2.2 liters for women and 3 liters for men approximately or check the color of your urine.
[19:18] Too much water can create an electrolyte imbalance and stop your heart.
[20:16] How exercising can help dementia patients and make their hippocampus bigger and help with memory.
[21:03] Any moderate vigorous physical activity 3 times a week.
[21:31] Rhabdomyolysis or high concentration of protein in urine or destruction of muscle from over exercising.
[22:44] Patrick tells a story about rhabdomyolysis. He was in the Philippines during an Earthquake and worked around the clock to save people buried under debris. They had compression syndrome and were developing rhabdomyolysis. They had to amputate to save the patient.
[28:43] Game of Thrones Season 7 episodes 2 and how Sam saves Jorah Moment by debriding the Greyscale.
[31:35] Regular use of saunas can decrease the risk of cardiac death, and it may be good for dementia.
[34:00] Disuse atrophy or being in a cast and not using muscles can cause atrophy.
[35:22] Reusable rockets and the space station and Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.
[37:41] Simplicity and simplifying your life, including starting to make the bed and looking introspectively at yourself.
[39:01] Most complexity of life involves interaction with individuals.
[40:27] Life size terracotta soldiers in Xian China with different facial expressions patterned after Qin Shi Huang’s army. Huang was the first Emperor of China.
[43:37] Other people in the world who you don’t know have no impact on your life. Type threes people are people you won’t meet and won’t meet you.
[00:44:25] Type two people are people you see who have familiar faces. They will just as well stab you in the back as slap you on the back. Don’t give them your heart and soul. Reserve some of yourself just in case. We only have so many emotional resources.
[45:45] Terracotta soldiers right next to the Emperor are the type ones. These are the people most important to us. Anyone you would want standing around your death bed.
[50:12] Taking your type one responsibilities seriously and wearing our hearts on our sleeves for our type one people in our lives.
[51:03] Expectation – Observation = Frustration or change your expectation to appreciation or let go of expectations
[52:35] The people we associate with are the people we become.
[55:03] Simplifying every aspect of your life and having a vision for the future.
[57:34] If everybody would focus on type ones the world would be a better place.

Links and Resources:

Elon Musk SpaceX
Jeff Bezos Blue Origin
Games People Play by Eric Berne
I’m OK–You’re OK by Thomas Harris
Books by Wayne Dyer
I Am Legend
Cast Away
Terracotta Army
Tanmeet Sethi, MD
Here & Now with Chad Bays
Follow Uncle Michael on Twitter @HollowTube


“I like to be in the eye of the hurricane in the calm center while everything is swirling around.” Dr. Patrick Bays

“When the crowd is going one way, I tend to go the other way.” Dr. Michael Bays

“Give your mental energy and heart and soul to the people who you are closest with.” Dr. Patrick Bays

“Reach out to the type one people in your life because they are the ones that help you attain your vision.” Dr. Michael Bays


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