020 – Who Will You Be When the Storm Comes? Continued


020 – Who Will You Be When the Storm Comes? Continued

Today’s Episode:

There have been so many catastrophes and natural disasters lately that we wanted to continue our topic of who will you be when the storm comes. The Country is still reeling from Harvey and Irma, and we have links below if you want to donate to charities to help people and animals still struggling with the aftermath. Our hearts go out to the people who live on the islands that were devastated by the hurricanes. We are especially concerned about Puerto Rico and how the people will survive with no power, water, or food.

We are also concerned about the recent earthquakes in Mexico City. This disaster hit home with Patrick because his son was actually there when the earthquake happened. Fortunately, he is fine and Patrick shares how he helped his son find a safe place to stay. We talk about being prepared when disasters strike and how true leaders emerge in the worst of times. We also take a walk through the jungle as Michael shares a story of his transformative journey on his first trip to Brazil. This is something he doesn’t normally talk about, but he bares it all and shares his story. This is a special episode, and we hope you enjoy it.

Topics Discussed Today

[02:34] There have been several national disasters recently. The island of Puerto Rico may be without power for months or more.
[04:24] Patrick’s son Brandon was in Mexico City during the earthquake. He is safe, but the earthquake was really scary. Huge skyscrapers were falling. The best plan of action was to get out of town.
[07:27] Patrick shares how he helped his son find a new place to stay and get out of town. He and his girlfriend had to leave with just the clothes on their backs.
[09:11] How the safe place is where you feel with your intuition is safe.
[12:40] How time is the most important thing when people are buried in debris. The longer they are buried the less chance of survival.
[13:52] How Michael went through a ceremony with a shaman where he had apocalyptic visions. It felt like whatever was coming was so close.
[16:07] Practical solutions to prepare for a flood. Get your home in order. Have a generator, food, and water. Get to know your neighbors and find people who know how to do things. Know where to go and have bugout bag and cash. Extra medicine and copies of records and pet supplies and personal protection.
[21:56] Jordan B. Peterson and the psychology of the flood and how organisms adapt to their environments.
[22:55] How humans don’t know what is going to happen, but we write stories about survival and the hero’s journey.
[23:49] How heroes have a sense of humility and universal qualities that we aspire to.
[26:53] The importance of having a plan and an escape route when you are in a bad situation. How it is nice to have someone rationale to help you find what to do.
[27:47] How it is important to know your truth and what you stand for.
[29:01] How people can become desensitized when exposed to objectionable things over and over.
[30:23] How anarchy can set in when the social system breaks down.
[35:18] Michael went to Brazil when he was at his wit’s end. He started meditating and went to a workshop in Brazil and met a shaman. Awesome story about how people aren’t always what you think they are. Along with his awakening “hollow tube” experience.
[46:32] How regret can be like a stain on your soul. Getting past regret is never going back to what you regret again.
[51:11] If you are doing something wrong in your life, the first thing to do is to just stop doing that. Anything in the right direction is better than nothing at all.
[55:24] Even if you go down a dark pathway things can get so much better with a vision of looking towards the future and having love around you. With this vision, you can get through anything.
[57:30] How we can’t hold on to the past. We have to keep moving on and things will be better in the future.
[01:00:54] We got a message from our mystery Jersey UK listener, Jane, and we give her a shout out. A live broadcast from Jersey may be in the works.
[01:06:11] The affirmation challenge is still going on. Keep doing your challenges. Give it a try and stick with it.

Links and Resources:

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Uncle Michael @TheHollowTube on Instagram
Michael Bays on Facebook
The Hollow Tube Facebook Page
American Red Cross
Catholic Charities
The Humane Society of the United States
The Psychology of the Flood Dr. Jordan B. Peterson
Charles Darwin
The Iliead
Viktor Frankl
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Carl Jung
Dalai Lama
Shawshank Redemption
Kaci Bays


“You really see the best of people in times of catastrophes and natural disasters.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“You never know when something is going to come along in your life that is a natural disaster or a personal apocalypse that we create for ourselves. ” Dr. Michael Bays
“The purpose of the Hollow Tube is to provide guidance and think keys that people can use when they are in troubling situations.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“We need to ask am I actively doing things to make my life better or actively doing things to destroy my life.” Dr. Michael Bays


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