021 – Kaci Bays and Mike Nichols


021 – Kaci Bays and Mike Nichols

Today’s Episode:

On last week’s episode, Michael shared a personal story that led to an introspective week. He has been getting positive feedback from listeners about that episode. We kick off today’s show, talking about some of the recent disasters including active volcanoes around the world and the problems in Puerto Rico. We also talk about the Jones act and how President Trump waived it.

We talk about how most people don’t care about your problems because they have their own problems. There is no point in worrying about what people think, unless they are your type ones. The type ones are the only people that matter. These are the people closest to you and who you can count on. We talk about healing ourselves, regret, the idea of the broken hero, wounded child, and shadow.

We also talk about head injuries and football and the art and science of medicine. There are good and bad doctors just like there are good and bad anything else. It’s a good idea to question everything and not trust people just because they are an authority figure. Always question and be discerning and if things seem off, excuse yourself and find someone else. We talk about all of this and more.  

Topics Discussed Today

[06:18] Michael’s introspective week and how people never change. Patrick talks about how within six months, you will see a person’s true self.
[07:49] Stepping back and hovering over your body and looking at yourself.
[08:15] Patrick’s son Brandon is fine and they have been able to go back to Mexico City.
[09:46] How earthquakes and shifts in the tectonic plates can cause volcano eruptions. There is also a volcano with activity in Bali.
[11:04] Patrick shares a story about going to the monkey forest in Ubud in Bali.
[12:09] How the situation in Puerto Rico is getting more desperate.
[13:46] President Trump waived the Jones Act so ships who fly other than US flags can deliver goods to Puerto Rico.
[17:28] Michael shares a story about visiting his dad this week which sparked a story when Michael was first married. He came home and discovered his wife went to Montana to find herself, but she really ran off with a guy from the coffee shop.
[00:20:28] How at the time this seemed like the end of the world for Michael. Patrick sat him down and told him not to care about what other people thought.
[00:21:18] How you can type your type one people on your hands and feet. Type two people don’t care about your problems because they have their own problems. The opinions of your type ones are the only ones that matter.
[22:24] On Michael’s visit with his dad, his dad gave him a wedding picture of Michael and his former spouse.
[24:46] How we need to heal ourselves. Imagine yourself floating in a hollow crystal tube that has black spots that represent pain. As we heal the blackness and imperfections go out and smooth over.
[26:28] Michael has a soft spot for homeless people with dogs. He got off the freeway exit and bought a sandwich for a homeless guy he saw, and the experience was different than he expected it would.
[31:50] One of Michael and Patrick’s dad’s regrets was not helping out a man and boy who were in need near the border.
[33:32] The 40-day affirmation challenge is still going. Michael shares his affirmation and how it applies to the recent synchronicities that keep happening.
[35:11] The hero’s journey. How a hero finds a way to overcome and persevere which allows people to identify with the hero.
[36:52] The idea of the shadow and the broken hero. The perfect life isn’t interesting.
[37:48] The idea of the wounded child and looking at your past.
[39:34] How love and nurture are so important in the early stages.
[41:12] How dangerous football is especially to kids under 12 and head injuries that lead to cognitive functions. Traumatic head injuries.
[45:36] How there are good and bad doctors, just like there are good and bad anything. Question everything. Stop and excuse if yourself if you don’t think things are going well.
[50:53] How calm and humble Ben Carson is along with being a meticulous surgeon.
[54:33] Night terrors and how Patrick would dream that someone was going to kill him. These lasted for about 10 years and then went away. Michael had them as a little kid.
[01:00:40] Showing someone you care about them and doing things for them and with them to make the connection stronger.
[01:04:08] A song by Kaci Bays and Mike Nichols

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“I don’t think anyone can change unless they have the ability for introspection and self reflection.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“Never give your power away to anybody who claims to have some special knowledge or authority.” Dr. Michael Bays
“People don’t care about your problems in general.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“If I see homeless people with dogs, I almost always stop because they are not only trying to take of themselves but the dog too.” Dr. Michael Bays


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