040 – Brainwave States and Meditation


040 – Brainwave States and Meditation

Last week we talked about sentinel goals and sentinel events. We might have 10 sentinel goals in our life and then sporadic sentinel events. Sentinel goals are things that you intentionally work towards where sentinel events are things that happen spontaneously.

Today. we are going to talk about brainwave states and meditation. We also want to reemphasize how achieving goals is an active process. You need to have a crystal-clear vision of what you want to achieve, and then have the strength to follow through even when the going gets rough.

Topics Discussed Today
[05:14] We recap last week’s episode number 39 about sentinel goals and sentinel events. Then we talk about the importance of actually doing the work yourself and not faking it.
[06:26] Being strong enough to deal with a life transforming event. Being strong enough to pursue your goal and not give up.
[07:41] Weak minded people don’t have the capacity to overcome failure and become stronger or take it to the next level.
[08:18] You need to decide in advance what type of person you are going to be on the other side.
[08:56] How pursuing goals is an active process. We can’t attain things by a passive process of osmosis. Learning, achieving, and growing is active.
[10:22] The first thing you need to do is have a crystal-clear vision of your goal and then use an active process to achieve it.
[10:32] Put your mind in your future’s body and feel what it would feel like to accomplish that goal. Find the secret of the goal, because then you will have the pathway to achieving that goal. Invest yourself mind, body, and spirit into the achievement of that goal.
[11:01] To have an ethos centric driven life you have to have three values.Three major sentinel values that are part of your constitution like integrity, wisdom, and benevolence or whatever your values are. These values are the internal default of your sphere of perception.
[13:07] Deciding whether to share your goal or keep it to yourself.
[16:47] The importance of knowing your why. Why are you pursuing that goal? When you put all these pieces together, start looking for that secret pathway.
[17:44] You don’t have to tell everybody your goals. Keep them to yourself.
[18:20] When it’s just between you and your mind you become more powerful. The more you talk about the less powerful you become. Unless, it’s a collaborative effort.
[19:30] Michael knew he needed to do something to change his mental state. He decided to start meditating. He didn’t really know anything about meditating, so he googled it and took it from there.
[20:53] None of the things Michael found really resonated with him then he ran across Stuart Wilde’s introduction to meditation.
[22:17] After Michael started listening to that metronome sound of Stuart Wilde’s, all kinds of synchronicities in his life began happening.
[23:27] Eben Alexander’s near-death experience when he was in a coma. Consciousness is not contained within the brain it has to come from somewhere else.
[26:03] Standing inside a giant inner tube from the inside out. How an energetic field emerges from your body. The heart also has a taurus shaped electrical field. The heart is an electrical impulse. The shape of the field is taurus shaped.
[29:29] How positive emotions correlate with a larger more expanded heart field. Negative emotions correlate with a restricted heart field.
[30:01] Positive emotions can have a sympathetic resonance with people around us.
[31:21] Using concentric magnets to treat tennis elbow.
[33:35] Neuroplasticity and the brain’s ability to adapt.
[36:34] Training your neurons and rewiring your brain.
[38:11] Using conscious awareness to wrap your neurons in positive thoughts. Rewiring your own brain in a good way.
[39:13] The flow state. Extremely focused on the task at hand.
[40:03] The Peter principle means you can work to your level of competence. Once you reach your max, your work begins to deteriorate.
[47:08] The hypnotic sound of meditating with a metronome. Meditating with binaural beats. This puts you in a state of mind or a flow state. Wear headphones and each ear will hear a slightly different frequency.
[50:59] A Delta state is a deep coma state.
[51:53] Gamma is found in peak performance states.
[52:32] Alpha is a nice relaxed calm mind. Or when they are having REM or dream sleep.
[52:58] Theta waves are what very experienced meditators like Buddhist monks are able to do
[59:04] Start meditating with binaural beats. It’s an easy way to get into medication without having to mess with guided meditations.

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“Pursuing goals is an active process. It is never passive.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“If you tell yourself that you are weak, you will start believing that you are weak and acting week.” Dr. Michael Bays
“Every single failure that you recover from makes you stronger.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“Weak people will let external circumstances control their lives.” Dr. Michael Bays

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