039 – Sentinel Goals and Sentinel Events


039 – Sentinel Goals and Sentinel Events

In another episode, we promised that we would talk about sentinel goals and sentinel events. Today is the day that we do that. Throughout most people’s lifetimes, they have about 10 opportunities to have a large goal realized. An example of a large goal would be when John F. Kennedy announced that he wanted to put a man on the moon.
To achieve these large goals, we need to have a clear vision of that goal. We need to write it down and pursue the goal on a daily basis. Achieving these large sentinel goals can change the entire trajectory of our lives. We talk about how it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert, but you still need a skill set that complements those hours. We discuss the keys to sentinel goals which are visualize, analyze, and realize. Along with a lot more.

Topics Discussed Today
[02:22] In everybody’s life, there are probably 10 opportunities to have a goal that is realized. These are goals that change the trajectory of your life.
[03:08] An example of this would be when John F. Kennedy promised to put a man on the moon by 1968.
[05:15] Writing your goal down and having a clear vision of that goal on a daily basis. Then finding the secret that unlocks the portal to that goal.
[05:37] Finding the secret is done by analysis and figuring out how other people have attained a similar goal.
[07:14] How Einstein’s entire life was transformed when he discovered the theory of relativity. The entire worlds trajectory was also transformed.
[07:47] How it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. You also need a skill set that conforms with what you’re trying to achieve.
[08:23] Visualize or set your goal. Analyze your goal and figure out the secret code. Achieve or realize your goal. Bathe in your feeling of success. Those are the keys to sentinel goals.
[09:12] Obstacles along the way that you have to overcome and certain feelings of achievement and mastery. Part of the process includes stepping stones along the way.
[10:40] Having a crystal vision of your goal and knowing that it is something that you want, not what someone else works.
[11:05] The hero’s journey and doing something positive and doing it in the right way.
[12:08]  If you don’t do things the right way, it loses a lot of its luster. Working tirelessly and relentlessly in pursuit of your goal.
[14:05] The synchronicities of the universe.
[14:53] Sentinel events are planned or unplanned things. Planned events could be the birth of a child or a graduation. Unplanned events could be meeting the person you will marry or stumbling on a book that changes how you think about things. The big ones are involuntary and unexpected like a divorce or losing someone you love. These are make or break moments in our lives.
[17:30] A sentinel event can have a goal associated with it. A sentinel event can be more devastating.
[21:39] Moments of total and complete clarity.
[24:57] Being egocentric as opposed to being virtuous and being taught a lesson by life.
[26:02] Michael shares some of his profoundly changing sentinel events. Going to Brazil and meeting his shaman and having a detached retina.
[27:09] The first sentinel event for Patrick was when he realized that his family was very poor. He also knew he wasn’t going to get out of that situation unless he made it happen for himself.
[30:38] Michael shares how he went to South America and came back a changed person. He was having problems with his wife and everything in his life was going wrong. His mom told him he needed to figure this out.
[33:09] Michael went to a church and prayed for guidance. Years later, a friend of his relayed the story that he was in the back of the church, and Michael was just wailing.
[33:40] He went to South America, because he wanted to meet an author. He didn’t hit it off with the author, but he did meet his shaman.
[39:27] Michael drank the little death. He was also forced to face his dragons. The entire way he looked at the world was somehow changed. His wife even told him he needed to shut up, because people would think he was crazy.
[41:18] Difficult circumstances call for a heroic response. Peeling back the layers in getting to the core of the person. This is what Michael calls getting the big medicine.
[43:48] It’s a tool. The more introspective he gets the less he needs it.
[48:11] Michael had a profound vision. He went to Columbia. Michael drank the medicine and felt like he was getting sick. He went into the forest and all of the nature sounds were amplified. He threw up in a puddle and his reflection took him back to a vision of who he was before his first South American trip. He had to embrace his former vision of himself.
[01:02:21]The first step is looking at your life right now and being grateful for your life right now.
[01:07:38] Think about the sentinel goals and the sentinel events in your life and make a list. How did it change you? If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal not people or things. At least, that’s what Einstein said.

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“In everybody’s life, there are probably 10 opportunities to have a goal that is realized.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“Copy someone who has already attained that goal. Look and see what they did and do the same thing.” Dr. Michael Bays
“My sentinel goal was picturing myself walking across the stage getting my medical diploma. This changed my entire life trajectory.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“Pursuit of a sentinel goal or a big goal is rewarding in itself.” Dr. Michael Bays

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