043 – Simplicity and Clarity


043 – Simplicity and Clarity

Today’s Episode:
We had a little hiatus for the Easter vacation, but it’s great to be back sitting in our chairs in our respective communities. Michael was celebrating his birthday and had the most amazing cake we have ever seen. The base of it looked like a blacktop road with a yellow line down the center. Then there was a road sign that said 55 no limits. There was also an amazing construction of all of the cacti in Arizona. It looked like a sculpture, and we felt guilty even eating eat.

On this episode, we share some of our childhood stories about our mom and dad. We talk about whether Michaels prayers for our mom when she was sick actually worked or not. We talk about how Michael wants to live to be 104, and his main goal is to help those he loves. We also talk about what makes good design in life and logos which is Simplicity and Clarity. The show is starting to take off, and we talk about that and highlight some upcoming episodes.  

Topics Discussed Today
[03:41] We just finished celebrating Michael’s 55th birthday, and he had the most amazing cake we have ever seen.
[04:24] We received a lot of positive reviews from our last podcast, Episode 42 Synchronicities and Messages from Beyond was about our mother and her death, but we shared a lot of positive experiences.
[05:28] How Michael developed a closer relationship with his mother as he grew older. Patrick always had a good relationship with her.
[05:46] Patrick remembers his mother singing to him and rocking him to sleep when he was little. He and his mother always had a connection. Later in life, she would fly to Seattle and they would spend hours looking out the window and talking.
[10:44] MIchael was into monsters when he was a kid. He was different from the rest of the family, but he embraces his uniqueness and weirdness.
[12:23] Michael decided to stop talking to his dad to see how long it would take before his dad noticed that he wasn’t talking. It took about a month, but the exercise reinforced Michael’s own feelings of insignificance.
[13:53] How we all carry around these feelings that we aren’t worthy. It all goes down to those moments in life when we were wanting love, but we didn’t get it.
[15:04] Patrick’s dad taught him how to tie a tie when he was in college. Later on in life Patrick realized it was a half windsor knot.
[18:05] Michael shares a story of his mom driving his dog back from Branson to Tucson for him. His parents were always there for him when he needed them.
[21:36] Michael shares a story about partying in high school, and the day his grandmother died.
[23:39] Michael used to pray for his mom when she was sick. Did his prayers work? He doesn’t know, but it seems like afterwards when he called her she sounded like she felt better.
[24:58] Patrick believes that all of the prayers were helpful, and stuff like that is good for anyone during any type of transition.
[25:21] Knowing that someone loves you enough to pray for you would improve your well-being.
[26:00] A lot of people who listened to our last podcast episode number 42 have also had synchronicities when a grandparent or someone close to them has died.
[27:43] Michael plans to live to be 104. He told his son that things happen, and even if something happens to him, they can still go outside and talk to him. They also need to send energy of love and gratitude.
[31:09] My main goal is to help the people who I have left behind on the earth plane.
[32:47] When we have a serious disease that means there is something wrong on a spiritual or an emotional level that needs to be corrected.
[33:09] You have to get to the root of the underlying disease. Michael’s eye issue was his heart. He was able to heal himself through his heart.
[36:09] You can’t alter someone’s destiny. You have to be humble. You are a vessel allowing the energy to flow through you.
[38:21] Patrick would like to work on being humble.
[39:35] Lindon Leader strive for simplicity and clarity in design. The art of subtraction is removing anything that is excessive.
[42:01] He builds a secret into every one of his designs. If you look between the big E and the small x, you will notice there’s a perfect arrow in the white space. The secret is to build in a subliminal message that nobody will know unless they look at the logo.
[44:09] At The Hollow Tube, we are trying to eliminate what is not necessary. By eliminating what is not necessary we start to train ourselves to look between the spaces.
[45:36] On a spiritual level we are infinite and expansive.We’re always collecting and gathering thing so we can expand. The secret is to expand spiritually and eliminate all things that are holding us back.
[46:30] Relaxing and taking a view of everything in your horizon and expanding your spirit. Narrow your focus so you won’t to waste any in energy ever.
[46:52] Striving to become the masters of elimination. Removing all excess from our lives. Looking at the white space.
[48:17] Take a step back and distance yourself from being so reactive all the time.
[48:52] On the next podcast, Michael wants to talk about Eben Alexander’s book.
[49:58] Start working on the art of removing anything excessive and strive for simplicity and clarity.
[51:08] Michael wants to eliminate anything that does not serve him.
[53:48] We have some amazing guests coming up including Chad Bays, Kaci Bays, and Parker’s girlfriend.
[56:04] Things are starting to take off, and we have found our sweet spot. What seems to work for us is telling a lot of our personal stories.
[57:35] Shout outs to all the people and all of the countries that are listening to us.
[58:20] Next week, Patrick might tell us his St. Patrick’s story.
[58:20] Next week, Patrick might tell us his St. Patrick’s story.
[58:39] Taking us out is the music of Lisa Gerrard.

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“Me and my mother would spend hours and hours looking out the window and talking. We felt so comfortable. She always said that whenever she felt bad she would fly up to Seattle and spend time with me.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“I think it’s good to be weird.” Dr. Michael Bays
“Now that you know that you are weird, and you accept that you are weird that makes you unique and different.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“The only thing not talking to my dad did was reinforce my own feelings of insignificance.” Dr. Michael Bays
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