042 – Synchronicities and Messages from Beyond


042 – Synchronicities and Messages from Beyond

Last week, we had a wonderful discussion with Noah Martin. He is a high school student, scholar, athlete, and aspiring professional musician. For someone so young, he had a lot of wisdom to share. We really enjoyed talking about and helping him define his future vision.
We also received positive feedback on the episode before where we talked about entrainment and binaural beats. I’ve received requests for the tools I use. One of the tools I used to use was Hemi-Sync and now I have moved on to Sacred Acoustics. Today, we are going to be talking about synchronicities and messages from beyond.

Topics Discussed Today
[06:00] Michael listens to the binaural beats as he prepares his mind for surgery. Patrick may begin listening to these as he rides the ferry to work.
[07:31] Parker has also been listening to these before his track meets.
[09:20] Synchronicities, aperture, and the afterlife has been coming up a lot lately. Our late grandmother Dom used to say that everyone has a little ESP. It’s no special talent. It just takes practice.
[11:00] Patrick talks about his story where he had just used the word aperture and then five minutes later he came across an apartment building named Aperture. Our listeners also like the word, so we are going to keep using it.
[11:14] Michael has been reading Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander. He is also reading Living in a Mindful Universe.
[11:40] Eben Alexander had a near-death experience, but he came out of it completely unscathed.
[13:22] Michael has been thinking about Eben Alexander’s experience. He shared his thoughts with a fellow gym member, and he shares a synchronicity experience between them.
[19:08] Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and perception. Everything these people in the cave knew was based on the shadows in the cave
[20:30] Patrick shares the story of the jewel beetles.
[24:56] Our ability to perceive and see things as they really are or as we think they are. Animals also have an ability to perceive.
[25:47] How the human brain is so advanced we actually strive to quiet our minds. We now have free time to think about things.
[26:59] People like to go camping, so that they can get away from things and think and perceive their thoughts.
[27:34] Patrick is writing about how we can improve our perception.
[28:02] How we experience the world through our bodies.
[28:57] How everybody has a sixth sense. It’s important to expand our minds and our perception, so we can access universal consciousness.
[30:44] Expanding your perception and quieting your mind will enhance your ability to just be in the world.
[32:07] Stripping yourself naked and becoming a spirit the way Frank Fools Crow did. Intense focused out of body experiences.
[34:36] Hallucinations are an aberration of your sphere of perception. It’s similar to mimicry in the animal world.
[36:17] How perception can be part of survival.
[37:23] Michael has been thinking about his mom a lot lately. How it’s funny that all the pieces seem to fall in place when you’re on the right path in life.
[41:54] Michael shares a story about a trip his parents took him on to visit Our Lady of the Sierras. The caretaker told him he would be back. When he moved back the caretaker was his first patient.
[44:57] The two sentinel events that happened to Michael when he moved back to Arizona were his detached retina and his mother’s cancer diagnosis.
[47:17] Michael also shares a story about a prayer that was given to him.
[48:25] It’s also amazing how your external perception will affect your internal perception.
[53:33] Michael shares a story about how his mother’s health was not doing well, and in the morning he was relieved just to hear her breath.
[54:51] He took her to the hospital, and she had a lung procedure.
[57:40] Michael had a vision about when his mother would be ready to go.
[58:49] Michael’s mother said she was ready to go. She passed after that. Michael remembered his vision and knew that it was a celebration.
[01:02:16] Patrick had a dream about a month later. He was walking through a park and he caught three people sitting on a bench out of the corner of his eye. Then he heard someone say in his mother’s voice hi Pat. He had the same vision that his dad had had of his mother when she was young. It startled him so much he snapped out of his sleep.
[01:07:36] How apertures are everywhere and we’re just looking into different universes and parallels of things.
[01:08:11] This podcast is dedicated to our mother and our grandmothers.
[01:08:48] Michael recommends trying a spiritual discipline.

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“Synchronicity is being in the groove and being in the zone and experiencing things when there’s no logical way for you to be experiencing these things.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“To me, synchronicities are a sign that you are on the right track in life.” Dr. Michael Bays
“Perception occurs in our mind as a result of neurological energy. It is the mind that perceives.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“The sphere of perception or aperture of our intelligence opens.” Dr. Michael Bays

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