044 – Life with Princess Olivia


044 – Life with Princess Olivia

Olivia Wheeler is a 17-year-old high school junior. She is captain of the varsity cheer squad. We are so excited to be interviewing Olivia today. One of the things that we love to do is to speak with and get in the minds of these high school kids. We like to share our stories and our wisdom, but we also like to understand their point of view.

We talk about Olivia’s biggest fears. Not surprisingly, the recent school shootings have her on edge. She explains how she has a heightened sense of awareness and is always planning in case there is an emergency. This goes along with episode number 10 where we talked about situational awareness and leaving yourself an out.

Topics Discussed Today
[02:25] Olivia is a high school student and being a student isn’t that easy.
[03:44] The Cold War days and the breakup of the Soviet Union. Things have changed a lot recently.
[04:18] School shootings are a real fear in the minds of high school students these days.
[04:32] At her school, there is actually a drill called run, fight, hide.
[05:48] How things have changed from a passive go along attitude to it’s time to fight back attitude.
[06:01] How the passengers on flight 93 in Pennsylvania fought back when there air plane was hijacked by the terrorists.
[07:20] Olivia is suspicious when she hears an unscheduled fire drill. She doesn’t wear flip flops because she wants to be able to run fast. She has taken on a defensive way of thinking.
[08:41] Olivia is more vigilant everywhere she goes now.
[09:29] Situational awareness and leaving yourself an out. When Patrick’s in a theater, he sits in the back row. Always have an escape route.
[11:23] Wondering if fire drills are a set up.
[11:50] The choice of eliminating all weapons or hardening the schools. How schools are training teachers to carry weapons and are even equipping some schools with baseball bats.
[13:15] One solution is to take a martial art such as Krav Maga which teaches situational awareness.
[14:14] How there was a strong sense of tribes among Native Americans back in colonial days.
[14:37] How classmates being more inclusive and not letting some kids become outsiders could help prevent this problem. All inclusive kids from the inside bringing everyone together with a sense of tribe.
[17:46] Approaching things from a practical standpoint, a sociological standpoint, and an individual psychological standpoint.
[18:22] There is a fine line and a slippery slope when it comes to taking weapons away.
[18:50] Getting the word out and educating kids and just talking about things is the best thing to do right now.
[19:39] As long as humans have some form of social deviance there will always be these dangers. We just need to be more aware and vigilant.
[20:00] How better preparation makes you feel more confident.
[21:16] The colors of Ironwood is a club at Ironwood high school. Anyone can be in this club. It’s mainly black and Hispanic kids, but anybody can be in it. This club is like a big family and when something racially insensitive happens people can tell the president of the club, and they will report to the school.
[26:07] Olivia hates to hear the N-word and doesn’t say it.
[26:09] Michael tells a story about how when he was a little kid he showed up at a new school, and he was called N-word lips.
[28:34] Patrick was picked on by Hispanic kids at school. He is actually a quarter Hispanic.
[30:22] Whether white privilege exists or not. Olivia feels white people can be discriminated against too. Everybody should be treated with dignity and respect.
[32:08] People shouldn’t be judged on race. You pick the color of the closure where, but God takes the color of your skin.
[33:07] Taking 100% responsibility for your life and not blaming other people.
[34:40] Gaydar and knowing who is gay. Olivia’s grandma had a friend who was always around, and Olivia always kind of knew that they were together.
[36:55] Olivia is always the voice for those who don’t have a voice.
[38:34] Empathy is a good quality to have.
[39:05] Olivia’s main goal in life is to be happy and stable. Career wise she would like to be a registered nurse. She is in a program in healthcare foundations where she learns medical basics like how to take vitals and what HIPAA means.
[39:57] The next class she will be taking is the licensed nursing assistant class or LNA. This program saves money and helps get your foot in the door before you even graduate. When she graduates from her senior year in high school she will be a licensed LNA.
[41:23] Her long-term goal is to be a nurse anesthetist. She would also like to work with kids because she has that motherly nature. The stress and anxiety and coping with things like just working in a medical job.
[46:53] Clarity of vision is one of the most important aspects of pursuing a healthcare role or any role.
[47:37] Even though, your friends who pursue lesser degrees may be making money sooner, you will be able to catch up to them within about three years of starting to work.
[49:32] You will always be able to make a living in the medical profession. There are a lot easier ways to make money. Don’t put money at the forefront of your mind when you’re pursuing this type of goal. You really have to have a passion for people and this kind of life.
[52:22] How people in the medical profession have a huge impact on people’s lives.
[53:14] Michael loves teaching and working with young doctors in training. He also likes the sense of camaraderie among physicians.
[55:03] How it’s a long road when pursuing a medical profession. Have the vision in your mind all the time when you get distracted and think you don’t want to do it anymore.
[56:49] As long as you don’t get distracted, there will always be something to lead you along the way. Medicine is the great equalizer.
[59:51] DJ Chad Bays will be back in a future episode. He has a sentinel goal of producing original music. He also has a secondary goal of finding true love.
[01:00:14] Michael is also trying to get his medicine man friend in Colombia to be on the show.
[01:00:22] Kaci Bays will also be back, and she has some good Trump stories.
[01:01:16] Michael is also going to have a Korean War veteran on the show, so he can recount the story of when he saw a UFO. We also might talk about Victor Frankl’s  Man’s Search for Meaning and other cool things.
[01:05:05] Patrick is going to get his logo done by Lindon Leader the man who created the FedEx logo.

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“If you have your headphones on you can’t hear a scream or a shot from the other side of the campus.” Olivia Wheeler
“This is the reality. This is where we are living now. No matter what side of the coin you’re on we have to talk about solutions.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“The sense of tribe was so strong that no member of that tribe would ever think of betraying the tribe.” Dr. Michael Bays
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