048 – An evening with Dr. Saranya Reghunathan


048 – An evening with Dr. Saranya Reghunathan

There is a saying, “ Always have a mentor and always be a mentor.”
Six years ago a brilliant young physician, Saranya Reghunathan, M.D. came to me and requested I be her mentor¬. A mentor is defined as an experienced and trusted advisor who has the best interest of the protege at heart. There is significantly more to the role than just providing advice and guidance, and the role is not taken on lightly. It means being available and always having the back of the mentee. A mentor has a genuine interest the mentee as a person, and sometimes must weigh in on not only professional development, but personal development as well.
Dr. Reghunathan had just graduated from medical school and had aspirations of becoming an otolaryngologist, an ear, nose and throat surgeon, when we first met. She is now graduating from her residency training and will soon be starting her fellowship in Laryngology at the Cleveland Clinic to gain additional training in voice and airway disorders.
I can honestly say that I have learned and grown as a teacher over the past six years as a result of being a mentor. This episode was bittersweet for me because it means saying goodbye to Saranya.
Pat had a pleasure of meeting Dr. Reghunathan, when she attended a conference in Seattle, and he agrees that she is destined for great things.
On this episode we talk about everything from Saryana’s upbringing, her sources of inspiration, and even her struggles with her love life.


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