070 – Toltec Shamanism, Researching the Paranormal and Time Travel with Marcus Leader


070 – Toltec Shamanism, Researching the Paranormal and Time Travel with Marcus Leader

Have you ever been interested in the paranormal, ghosts or ESP? Have you ever considered that there’s something powerful and mysterious just beyond our perception? Have you wondered if there are individuals who can tap into that power? I used to wish that I could meet someone like that who can teach me the secrets of what is really possible. In The Hollow Tube, we know that when we ask we receive. We must ask intelligently for exactly what we want.

When I was a little kid, my grandmother would say everyone has a little ESP. You just need to practice. I believed her, and I wanted to know more. I scoured the stacks of books at Scottsdale library reading anything I could find on paranormal phenomena, non-ordinary reality, spirituality, and life after death. When I was a teenager, I discovered The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda. 

I felt a connection with this book, because almost all of the events described took place practically in my backyard of Sonora, Mexico. I devoured every one of his books and hoped to meet a teacher like Don Juan. Critics said, “he made it up.” There was no Don Juan. I was so disappointed when I found this out. I forgot all about Carlos Castaneda. I put away all that crazy stuff. As it turns out, he was real and some of his descendants even live here in Arizona.

My guest today was an apprentice for Carlos. For eight years, Carlos taught Marcus Leader the secrets of the Toltec shamanic path. Marcus is a researcher, author, and the host of The Shaman’s Brew Podcast. He is in the process of publishing a series of books on shamanic teaching. He is also a scientific researcher of the paranormal with the goal of proving the phenomena through science. Some of the tools he has created have been used on shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. It’s an honor and a privilege to have him on the show today. 

Topics Discussed Today
[14:13] Marcus is retired and in the process of getting his books published. It’s going to be a series of books talking about Toltec shamanism of his lineage. 
[14:39] He also conducts research into finding scientific proof behind the paranormal. Some of the devices he has created have been seen on the TV shows Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.
[15:06] The paranormal is ghosts and different aspects of the spiritual world. ESP and clairvoyance are also considered part of the paranormal. A lot of people refer to the paranormal as ghost hunting.
[16:44] A lot of the ghost hunting equipment are appliance repair tools. It’s hard to detect spirits, but you can detect resonance. EMF meters can detect a spike of energy in our field. 
[19:34] Attachments are when electrons actually change the direction that they spin. This can be detected with tools.
[20:40] Marcus has recorded some voice captures. He’s working on a tool that uses magnetic fields. 
[22:56] He’s trying to find scientific evidence to show that the paranormal exists. 
[24:02] Carlos Castaneda was an anthropology major at UCLA. He made a Yaqui Shaman named Don Juan. Carlos became Don Juan’s apprentice. 
[28:00] Carlos wrote about the knowledge, not how to. He still has a following of 35 million. 
[30:04] Marcus wants to get permission to release the core how to knowledge. 
[31:54] Marcus saw a big crow walking down the street with a lit cigarette in his mouth. Crows are his omen. 
[33:37] A crow dropped an acorn in his tea. 
[34:38] When more people become aware and do things like meditation, it creates a conduit.
[36:06] The next stage of evolution will be human light. 
[38:20] All human interaction is about energy in one way or the other.
[40:25] You have to perceive energy and how it flows back and forth. 
[42:49] All living things have energy exchanges. Marcus can see energy around people and things. 
[47:16] There are a lot of anthropological sites in the southwest. 
[49:41] Marcus met Carlos Castaneda while doing research. They had lunch. Then didn’t see each other until they bump into each other later on. The spirit had pointed Marcus out to be a student of Carlos. 
[01:00:53] Toltec shamans can project their consciousness into the double. The double is a little bit bigger than the human body. 
[01:03:01] Marcus was talking to Carlos, but it was his double. 
[01:06:27] A lot of shamans can reach a state of extreme clarity. They have to shift their awareness to a higher frequency. 
[01:11:18] A lot of people have doubted Carlos, but Marcus knows that he’s the real deal. Carlos proved it to him, and taught him about time and the manipulation of time. 
[01:14:45] Marcus shares about going back in time and different dimensions and timelines. 
[01:15:52] We perceive time as a linear event, but everything happens at the same time. 
[01:20:20] The biggest change that has happened to Marcus, since he met Carlos was his perception of the world has changed. He doesn’t have any enemies, because he’s learned how to interact with people. His energy field is in alignment and resonates with the people he is around.
[01:23:08] Seeing the world the way it really is and not wasting energy is beneficial. The more personal energy you can build up, the healthier you will be.
[01:24:28] Once you learn how to use this energy, you can communicate with the world around you.
[01:27:58] Human interaction is the battle for energy. Eventually, we will all get along better. 
[01:32:18] The best thing for Michael and this podcast is getting to meet and know his hero’s. He’s now obsessed with the thought of time travel. 
[01:34:25] Michael shares time casting from The Shaman’s Brew Episode 186.
[01:38:58] Michael gives a shout out to JT Odneal from Episode 68 who is no longer with us. 
[01:40:20] Uncle Pat will be back soon!

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