038 – Your Vibration Equals Your Destination


038 – Your Vibration Equals Your Destination

Our topic today is how your vibration equals your destination. We start off with a quick update and then talk about the importance of independence when it seems like you don’t have anything else. We also talk about how altruistic behavior gives us a dopamine rush and helps us feel better. We touch on the concept of critical mass and the self-perpetuating concept of 10%.

We also talk about the unfortunate event of the recent school shootings, and how the young people are stepping forward and becoming activists. It feels like change is in the air, and the world is at a tipping point. We also talk about taking 100% responsibility for our lives and understanding that we have the ability to respond to anything that happens. We finish with the importance of making kindness and love a habit, being grateful, being self-aware, and so much more.

Topics Discussed Today
[02:22] Patrick lives on Bainbridge Island. He can see Seattle from his window. All of the electrical and cable are above ground supported by telephone poles. The power goes out frequently, but fortunately, Patrick has a giant generator that kicks in whenever the power is out. He can look down the street and everyone else’s house is dark.
[08:40] Michael received a phone message from Bill (the homeless man that he helps out from time to time) in the message Bill thanks Michael for all of his help.
[11:14] Michael can’t get Bill to go to the VA which is unfortunate, because there are resources there that could help him.
[11:50] Patrick shares a story about Charles Bronson’s brother.
[12:53] How when you have nothing, having your independence is the only thing that you might have.
[14:24] Patrick and Michael’s uncle Danny was also homeless. He also worked on oil rigs, and he was friends with Elvis when he was young.
[16:26] Michael shares why he continues to try to help Bill. How altruistic behavior helps us feel better.
[20:52] Critical mass or 10% of people can create a perpetuating idea.
[23:19] The self-perpetuating concept of 10%.
[24:38] You can change a lot of things if 10% of the people buy into that concept.
[25:34] How we are at a point where we are finally going to try to attack the problem of the school shootings. The approach will probably take into account several different methods.
[26:14] How the world is at a tipping point. The natural ebb and flow of the universe and how people can feel when the pendulum starts to swing too much to one side.  Using our subconscious to bring the pendulum back to a place that feels more balanced.
[27:23] The first step is taking 100% responsibility for your life. Understand that you have the ability to respond to anything that happens.
[28:13] Action depends on many factors including your proximity and finances and a whole host of different things.
[28:54] If you have the ability to act and make things better, you should take action.
[30:37] How the young generation is going to lead us out of the abyss and show us the way.
[31:25] How we’ve lost the ability for the family to be the primary caretakers of the children.
[32:28] Making kindness and love a habit. Being grateful is a start. Momentum builds from there  and creates a permanent change over time. It all starts with being self-aware.
[33:40] Michael went to Parker’s track practice. Michael was experiencing nature and how it feels to be human.
[35:55] Michael’s sphere of perception SOP was finely-tuned.
[37:31] Expanding your awareness, imprinting yourself on the field, and then stepping into the ring and becoming this person that is part of the ceremony or ritual of what is happening in the ring.
[38:16] Your sphere of perception is taking in everything around you. When you step into the ring, your SOP becomes internal.
[40:17] A Taurus is the shape of an inner tube or donut and there are calculations that go along with that.
[44:30] Changing your state two more powerful emotions. How many people can you affect when you move your emotions to a higher vibration?
[46:26] the only thing we know to be true are things that we have experienced. How are internal attitudes have an effect on our environment.
[47:11] High vibration emotions would be expansive and low vibration emotions would contract.
[50:59] Matching your emotional state to your vision of the world creates a vibration to make these things start happening for you.
[52:23] Being joyful is the byproduct of achieving a worthy goal.
[54:26] When you can feel peace and contentment, you know that you have achieved exactly what you were looking for.
[57:35] Being the person who’s a hundred percent okay with who you are and being self-actualizing.
[58:59] Feeling grateful and making a habit of being nice to people.
[59:56] Praying out loud and the external and internal vibration.

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“When you have nothing, the only thing you might have is your independence.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“One of the reasons I do what I do is because helping another human helps yourself.” Dr. Michael Bays
“If you can get 10% of your brain to buy into a concept, the 10% will then start a chain reaction and become self perpetuating and recruit other portions of your brain to buy into that concept.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“Life is about giving to other people.” Dr. Michael Bays

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