Patrick had an interesting week. He is going to call himself "the last customer." He ordered custom glass and called the owner to see what was taking so long. The woman on the phone told him he was the last customer. The owner of the company passed away after taking measurements for Patrick's table. Patrick was shaken by this. Then after going to his hairdresser, three days later, he found out that this wonderful woman named Stacy had died. He was also her last customer. It turned out that Stacy had a terminal disease.

Today, we are discussing how to survive anything life throws at you. We are sometimes thrust into catastrophic or life altering situations. These are emergency situations that can be life threatening or situations where the social structure breaks down. It’s up to us to take control of our emotions, stay calm, and do what needs to be done. We discuss the stages of survival, rules of survival, some great resources, and more.  

Topics Discussed Today
[03:23] Patrick's story of being the last customer.
[04:26] Patrick's trip to his awesome hairdresser Stacy was on last Tuesday. Friday the owner of the salon said that Stacy had died, and Patrick was her last customer.
[11:45] Wondering how and why people die and the book Deep Survival.
[14:17] What it takes to survive and how people get in those situations and what we need to do to survive in these situations.
[15:00] The importance of not giving up or willing yourself to die.
[15:34] Stages of survival are the same as the 5 stages of grief.
[16:25] Having the basic concept down of doing the right things as opposed to the wrong things.
[16:59] 12 Rules for Survival. 1. Perceive and believe. Face reality and accept responsibility.
[19:00] Being frozen in time and having your brain shut down. Some major catastrophe in your life and finding your way out and taking responsibility.
[20:16] Leaders, followers, flee-ers, and flounder-ers. Things that take place when the social system breaks down.
[22:49] 2. Stay calm and control your emotions.
[24:46] How Michael was the guy who saved the day during a blocked airway situation. He had to focus on controlling his breathing to stay calm during the procedure.
[25:56] The tracheotomy and securing the airway to make it possible for this patient to breath.
[27:48] Taking a self-assessment and looking within in an emergency situation.
[30:44] Constants and variables.
[30:54] Patrick shares a story about an orthopedic surgeon who asked him to assist during surgery. (graphic surgery story)
[37:00] The most important quality of a surgeon is common sense.
[39:01] Don't let the cement harden and thinking whether something is time sensitive.
[39:40] 3. Think analyze and plan.
[41:12] How we all have an internal GPS. Break your biggest problem down into steps.
[41:52] Backtracking instead of getting completely lost. Find something familiar and comfortable. Sometimes to move forward you have to go backwards.
[42:54] 4.Take correct precise action. Survivors take risk, but are also bold and cautious.
[44:22] Taking calculated risks and celebrating your successes.  
[48:36] 5. Celebrate your successes.
[49:25] 6. Count your blessings and be grateful.
[50:46] How a positive mental attitude will get you through things. Don’t waste time on negative things.
[53:11] Einstein time - you will get there when the time is right.
[53:43] Being in the moment and 100% focused.
[57:29] The importance of relaxing and putting yourself in a flow state.
[57:57] 7. Play and enjoy the survivor journey.
[59:44] 8. See the beauty.
[59:55] Aboriginal trail of stories or dreams. Using visual images to recall the trail and enhance our senses.
[01:01:35] Perceiving the beauty enhances our survival by enhancing our senses.
[01:02:01] 9. Believe that you will succeed. Just do it.
[01:04:28] 10. Surrender and let go of the fear of dying. Then develop a plan and don’t give up.
[01:06:03] 11. Do whatever is necessary.
[01:08:46] 12. Never give up. There is always one more thing that you can do. Find something to live for.
[01:10:12] The way we live our lives on a daily basis is a big predictor of who survives.
[01:11:59] Happy Birthday to Patrick's daughter Morgan, who he happened to deliver when she was being born.

Links and Resources:
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Deep Survival
On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss
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“The only thing I can think of is that she wanted to live as normal a life as possible.” Dr. Patrick Bays
“Step one is admitting that you are in trouble and finding a way to get yourself out.” Dr. Michael Bays
“For a person to have that kind of knowledge and act so perfectly in control and normal is one of the most powerful and heroic things I can think of.” Dr. Patrick Bays
"People want to make the reality fit their mind, instead of their mind fitting reality.” Dr. Michael Bays
“Perceiving the beauty enhances our survival by enhancing our senses.” Dr. Michael Bays


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