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026 – What Is the Hollow Tube?

Today’s Episode: In honor of our new website launch, big shoutout to Anthony and Linh Tran at Marketing Access Pass,...

025 – Adventures of Bill, Bear and Buddy

Today’s Episode: Today, we are going to revisit the 40 day affirmation challenge. Michael just finished his, and we are...

024 – We Don’t Quit

Today’s Episode: Welcome to the Hollow Tube. We are back. Patrick had a conference in Chicago and Michael also went...

023 – The Sweetheart of Southern Arizona Kaci Bays

Today’s Episode: We have a special guest today, country western singer Kaci Bays. We have been playing music by Kaci...

022 – Knowing Who You Are

Today’s Episode: Our hearts go out to the people affected by the tragic shooting in Las Vegas. We both know...

021 – Kaci Bays and Mike Nichols

Today’s Episode: On last week’s episode, Michael shared a personal story that led to an introspective week. He has been...

020 – Who Will You Be When the Storm Comes? Continued

Today’s Episode: There have been so many catastrophes and natural disasters lately that we wanted to continue our topic of...

019 – Who Will You Be When the Big Storm Comes

Today’s Episode: Today’s show is going to be about who will you be when the big storm comes. When something...

018 – Heading Down the Right Path

This has been a week of synchronicities for both of us. We have come to the same or similar realizations...

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