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044 – Life with Princess Olivia

Olivia Wheeler is a 17-year-old high school junior. She is captain of the varsity cheer squad. We are so excited...

043 – Simplicity and Clarity

Today’s Episode: We had a little hiatus for the Easter vacation, but it’s great to be back sitting in our...

042 – Synchronicities and Messages from Beyond

Last week, we had a wonderful discussion with Noah Martin. He is a high school student, scholar, athlete, and aspiring...

041 – Life Decisions With Noah Martin

Noah Martin is our special guest today. Noah is a 17 year old high school student who is an athlete...

040 – Brainwave States and Meditation

Last week we talked about sentinel goals and sentinel events. We might have 10 sentinel goals in our life and...

039 – Sentinel Goals and Sentinel Events

In another episode, we promised that we would talk about sentinel goals and sentinel events. Today is the day that...

038 – Your Vibration Equals Your Destination

Our topic today is how your vibration equals your destination. We start off with a quick update and then talk...

037 – Where Awareness Goes Energy Flows

When two people are in an argument or having a debate the first person to lose is the first person...

036 – Connor Olive’s Life Transition

Special guest Connor Olive is here to talk about a life transition he is going through. Connor is a 17...

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